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June 11, 2013
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TH: Misutani Miki by Rainikloud TH: Misutani Miki by Rainikloud
Name Misutanni Miki
Nickname: Mimi-ni (by little sister)
Gender: Male
Orientation: Pansexual
Age: 16
Grade: First year
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Dormitory: Tamagawa
Club: Football

He likes to play football and he enjoys watching games on the television. He has being playing since he was a kid, he can be considered a good player.
Quiet places
He likes places where there are no too much people, such as a library where he can read in peace.
It is his main priority, for him nothing is more important than to review his subjects and study really hard for exams. When he has finals or mid-term exams he doesn’t go out of his house except for going to school and to the football practices.
It entertains him, a part from reading his notes of school, he enjoys reading literature books, or when he is really bored he reads adventure books.
He loves spanish and he had been learning it since he was a kid. He speaks it fluently. He sometimes reads books in spanish or he even watches movies.

He doesn't like being surrounded by too many people, he starts to feel uncomfortable and he just leaves.
He dislikes people who doesn't study, do their homework or takes any effort. He consider them idiots and not worth enough for being on such a prestigious school.
Being interrupted
He get really annoyed if someone interrupts him while talking or doing something. That could get him on his nerves
Being touched
he doesn't like people touching him, but he can take being touched but not for too long (for example when he plays football he will be touched, so he bares it). He is seeing a psychologist so he can be treated.
He dislikes being dirty, so he carries with him a tiny bottle of disinfectant and he applies every time someone touches him, or when he touches 'dirty' stuff. His dislike to germs is difficult for him since he plays football, so anytime he finish football practice he takes a shower and change into clean clothes, he can't stand being sweaty.

Bad temper | Studious | Intrepid | Sarcastic | Loyal | respectful |

He has problems to socialize with people. First of all because he is intrepid due to he thinks that emotions are not useful, so he never shows them too much, but only when he is really annoyed you notice he is angry because he will start being sarcastic or even roll his eyes. If you talk to him, he will always reply, but if you annoy him too much he just tries to leave you behind. He is shy when it is related to love, he hasn't experienced love yet, he doesn't like to be touched too much cause makes him feel uneasy and sometimes disgusted. He is really strict when it is about his studies. He hates being lazy so he always studies, reviews what has been done in class and is always learning new things from the books he reads when he has free time or from the computer. He has good marks on his exams because of his hard work, plus he is really capable of withholding information, so he never forgets things. He has a really bad temper and gets mad easily. When someone tries to talk to him when he is angry he just ignores the other person. If he likes and gets along with the other person, he will be kind and will try to not get angry too much. He is loyal and respectful, with the people he thinks that deserve being treated well.

Miki was born in a rich family from Japan. His father is involved in politics and his mother is a woman business who owns a chain of Italian food restaurant. His parents were always busy traveling so Miki never got to see them. They only where home on important dates such as Christmas and Miki’s and his sister birthday. He has a little sister of 10 years old, but there is a maid on their home so that her sister can be taken care of while he is at school on the dorms.

Since he was a child (when he was in kindergarten) he was taught to be a proper child, to behave and not to do childish things. So he never had a proper childhood. While other kids where playing outside he was kept on the house reading and studying subjects for school and because his father wanted him to join the politics when he got older. At first he was forced to do it, but with the time he got accustomed so studying became part of his daily life.

He started playing football when he was a child. At first his mother told him he had to make some exercises so he could grow up stronger and beautiful. So he decided to try football and actually he started to like it until he got obsessed with it. He loves watching games when he is at home and that's the only moment you will see him scream and express himself, but only if he is by himself since he can't 'loose control' in front of his family since they hate those type of wild behaviors.

When he got to Elementary School, he was bullied. People made pranks on him and called him names, because he is a ginger. People said he had no soul, because he never expressed his emotions and was always keeping his composure. But when the mockery began to be constantly. he began to be even more annoyed, and keeping his calm down was really difficult for him. He never fought back, but he responded back with sarcasm, which made the others even angry.

He was transferred to another elementary school, since he came home, back from school, with bruises and all dirty. All because of the pranks and mockery he received. That's when he started to hate human contact and being dirty since it reminds him of those days when he was hit and bullied. On his new elementary school, at first no one talked to him and he was fine, but then people began to bully him again. But not as much as before, so it was something he could bare.

He graduated from elementary school and was now looking for a middle school. Their parents found a private middle school, where only rich kids attended. He was no more bullied, but still the school was full of arrogant and self-centered people, so no one talked to him and he was mostly ignored back. He had just one friend, at first they didn't get along, but they discovered they had some things in common, like both liked football, so they started to hang out constantly. His friend got transferred since he was moving out to another country, so Miki was now by himself. He was a bit hurt, so he decided he wouldn't get too close with people ever again, since it was no worth it.

He graduated from that middle school and he was now looking for a high school. His parents searched for a proper school, where his kid could continue his studies. There where a lot of options, but there was one in particular that called their attention and that was Tachikawa High. Miki tried to apply to that school, but he got late to the registration, so he had to wait for next enrollments. Now he is trying his best to apply once again.

"Restrain yourself from touching" - when someone touches him.
"I don't argue with idiots. They will just lower me to their level then beat me with experience." - something he will say when people annoy him

Additional Info:
-… Voice sample
- he is a ginger and he has freckles
- Carries a small bottle of disinfectant with him

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